Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beryllium Contamination

What is Beryllium Contamination & why should you as an American citizen be concerned?  When I was growing up there was a bread company named Taste Bread, and they had a saying about the bread that is made while you are asleep.  A reference to them cooking bread all night long.  While writing this, I could remember riding by one of there bread factories and smelling the scent of cooked bread. 

Well while Taste Bread was preparing to feed up, another plant in town was preparing to defend us against foreign hurt, harm, or danger.  In the process of saving our country, they mistakenly became a domestic tragedy.  Beryllium Contamination is an American phrase that should be known and questioned by all Americans.  I am very much a supporter of our national security efforts, I too enjoy the thoughts of living a life free from the kind conditions we see daily on our headline news reports that are happening in many of our 3rd world and recently major foreign countries.  But all we ask is that when it has been determined that some problem has been discovered at one of our plants building weapons to defend us, the people working in those plants along with the people who are living in the areas surrounding the plants are informed so they can make their own decision regarding the circumstance.  We understand this problem could and can still happen at any location using harmful chemical to produce weapons or any known product.  But our goal as an organization is to represent not only the environment, but to represent the people too.

The below link is an example of where I feel people should have been informed.  I will leave it up to you to make your own determination.  The people who push to make this circumstance receive the attention it was due, will be the Friday night presenters at the March 11th & 12th Breaking The Silence Conference.



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