Monday, December 26, 2011

A Black Environmentalist's Perspective

I have wanted to be a blogger from the very first time I read what a blogger had written.  If you have followed me during my rise in the environmental field, you have seen how much I have try to become one.  Yet, once I get started, I have either been to busy to commit myself to writing and managing (maintaining) a current blog, or the subjects that I selected were okay and important, but not the kind of subjects that could really float my boat (so to speak).  So as I have prior to this one, I write it, and end it after the one effort.  
The I stumbled upon a black blogger group, that was planning a cruise in June, and because of my need to spend some time with the lady of my life, who has had to suffer as much as I have, to give me a chance to pay my dues, to earn my status (place) in this growing environmental movement in America that is void of any real (I say again; real) black leadership.  I will come back to that point later, but the point is when I found this group of bloggers, and saw my chance to treat the love of my life, I also decided to make them my new location for blogging. 

Not wanting to just jump in and get my feet wet (my normal Aries deployment technique), I decided to wait until I felt the spirit to begin, because I knew once I got started, I did not want to quit.  So I took the low road, and have been just watching the flow on activity on the site, which has included some bloggers who are also members, reaching out to me to become their friend.

Now that I have decided to begin my blogging, I need all of you to keep in mind that I am by no means a computer wiz.  I usually have to stumble and fumble with most of what I need to do.  I have a decent website, - I know how to used the Internet to research pertinent data, and how to receive and send e-mail.  Past that; thank God for the on call 24 hour technicians (even though some can't speak English very well).  So if I make a computer error, like sending something before I was ready, please try to understand.

Somewhere I stated (I can't find where I said it anymore) when I first joined the blogger group that my intentions or subject matter would involve my current and past experience becoming an authority as far as environmental literacy is concerned, from a person of color’s perspective.  Notice I said, a “person” of color, because I don’t want to be challenged because you are some people you know, doesn’t feel the way I am describing.  This will be my own personal opinion! 

Okay this was my introduction; my first real environmental blog for the black bloggers will be forthcoming.

I will be including posting to the black blog on my website's blog too...